TorGuard VPN Review 2018

TorGuard VPN has a load of features plus it makes the user more secure as well as make the entire user experience smooth as well as easy. Inside it, there are all the decent features that must be in a worthy VPN provider. These comprise an IP location testers, testers for DNS leaks plus WebRTC leaks.


We all concern regarding our privacy, however, using any VPN, cause numerous VPN Providers keeps the linking logs plus usage details. According to TorGuard Review,TorGuard’s privacy policy states that it retains no usage otherwise connection logs, which is perfect. It’s zero logs policy is outstanding. That means if TorGuard is approached through the government with a warranty, it has nothing much toward hand over.  They do retain billing information only, but you could bypass that through USING BITCOIN or, instead, providing fake information. They also use secure 256-bit AES Open VPN encryption by default plus they permit the user toward select their own encryption code if needed. Thus in terms of privacy, it is the Best VPN.

Open VPN encryption

Performance plus speed

Speed is very significant for any P2P follower, by TorGuard Review, I was very captivated with their speeds however torrenting, browsing, otherwise just watching shows on Netflix. TorGuard has no bandwidth limits, henceforth you can stream Netflix plus moreover download torrents.

 Final Verdict

For me, TorGuard is one of the greatest VPN service providers for users, who frequently conducts Torrent actions online and want to protect their web traffic. TorGuard has a lot of solid features which would be in worthy VPN provider. Thus if you’re in search of a radical VPN or a simple VPN, TorGuard feels faultless either way. Perhaps it’s the finest VPN for IT professionals.

Our most significant features for a good VPN are speed, security, as well as service offerings. TorGuard provides on each. Generally, TorGuard is fairly good while compared to additional paid proxy services. It offers an excessive selection of servers toward connecting to. But the rate of TorGuard VPN is measured to be amongst the higher ones in the marketplace, but its features and privacy create it worth to purchase.