Experience the Movie a Little More!

The theatre is all about watching the movie but people have been trying to elevate the experience from time and time again. The D-box seats enhance the entertainment experience to another level. These seats are so well synchronized with what’s happening on screen for you to feel every turn and jolt the camera takes on screen. The chair is capable of rolling, sudden pitching and intelligent vibration movements. The chairs are equipped with an adjustable speed button if you want to experience it in the maximum or a little less than normal. This experience is great for a horror or action packed thriller where there is more movement to experience than a quite romantic comedy. You must be wondering what happens when some seats are occupied and the others are empty? These seats have weight occupancy sensors which allow only those seats to work which are occupied. This is a whole D-box digital experience.

D-box digital experience

Elevating and Immersive Encounters!

This experience is not just restricted to the movies. There are home theatres constructed with it too. This technology has also been used for gaming, simulation for flight riding and car racing, museum, and health industry to name a few. This experience is deemed to be very immersive as you can feel the turns, jumps, rolls and any intricate movement in your seat perfectly in sync of what is happening on the screen. This D-box digital participation is a fun for people who want to have a more interactive session than a normal experience. Looking forward to something like this in a normal movie or gaming experience can be exciting especially when you have the chance to do it with your family and/or friends. There have been cases of people who’ve felt dizzy due to a lot of movement in the chair because of the action sequences and they were advised to lower the MFX on the chair below normal. Many people might argue that theoretically, it’s the same as experiencing 4DX but when you experience it yourself, you can make out the differences and how it’s not the same. But one thing which everyone says after experiencing it is that, they sure liked the whole process.