WebJaguar B2B E-Commerce Solution – A cutting-edge tool for your business

E-commerce is becoming popular day by day and there are several platforms and CMS launched to provide e-commerce solutions to businesses globally. While many software promises lots of features for the B2C industry there are few that caters to the B2B industry, which is a huge industry in itself. With amazing features and robust code structure Web jaguar B2B e-commerce solutions are the best tool to look out for if you are considering to launch a b2b e-commerce website. This is a platform which can configure according to your business needs as it is designed from the ground up level in order to accommodate a wide variety of b2b scenario such wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, businesses and industrial companies. The software is completely scalable, configurable as well as customizable according to the specific needs of the businesses.

tool for your business

Why choose web jaguar b2b e-commerce solutions —

The software is robust and supports complex and configurable approaches to the b2b e-commerce industry. It ensures that you get a low cost and fast deployment of e-commerce solution for your b2b business. It is one of the best platforms for marketing, management as well as sales that has been meticulously developed in order to meet varying business needs. You cant find such features in other average b2b e-commerce solutions. It reduces the need for multiple software integrations, by providing numerous features in a single software.

The main features present in the web jaguar b2b e-commerce solutions include marketing automation, leads nurturing, email marketing, CRM, catalog builder, form builder, advanced pricing control, search feature etc which are all integrated with each other in order to provide complete control for B2B purposes. The software is correctly priced and provides value for money.

Common features of web jaguar b2b e-commerce solutions —

The e-commerce solution is specifically designed and integrated for b2b needs such as :

  1. complete order management and processing.
  2. Sales administration.
  3. Supplier management and dropshipping.
  4. Personalised customer workflow tools.
  5. Different pricelists for customers.
  6. Payment terms definition.
  7. Easy re-ordering mechanism. And a lot more.