How to Absolutely Boost Men’s Online Dating Profile

With the current trend right now, the process of meeting fellow singles are pretty swift and easy. For those active on the popular matchmaking apps and sites, it’s almost like you are applying for a formal job! Armed with an appealing profile, you can be sure to receive messages or invites from prospective mates.

Unfortunately, there is a small population of men who are unsuccessful in this field. A quick look at their online profiles and you’ll be able to point out where things went awry. From tacky pictures, inappropriate usernames, and haplessly completed profiles, it’s no wonder women swipe left or ghosts on these guys.

online dating profile

If you’re one of those rejected and unsuccessful men, follow these tips to kickstart your online dating profile:

It’s true what they say about first impressions

Although it may sound superficial, however first impressions matter in this kind of activity. If you’re not careful with the kind of picture you put up on your profile, then your messages are in trouble before you even press send.

To increase your chances of that elusive date replying to your message, make sure to upload a picture that successfully shows all your desirable personality. See to it that your chosen photo will encourage women to spend time with you.

If possible use also a high-quality camera in taking your pictures to make you more attractive. Avoid posting shirtless photos taken at the bathroom or at the gym. Studies discovered that women are turned off with men who posted shirtless selfies online.

 Your profile should not be all about you

 An online profile which is 100% about you is boring, so is a profile with a lengthy list of adjectives.  The ideal profile should be about 70% about you and 30% about what you are looking for in a date.

To catch women’s attention, you can outline it like this:

  • Start with an intriguing or funny story
  • Describe what you do in an interesting way
  • Say a couple of your hobbies, interests, etc.
  • Convey what kind of woman you’re looking for

 Less is still better

In one of the studies, conducted about online dating, it was found out that women only reply to about 4% of their received messages. Thus, don’t be surprised that the “Hey” message you and the other 96% of male population sent didn’t work.

While it may be great to customize every message you send based on a women’s account, remember that less and simple is still better. Incidentally, you’ll be surprised that experts now recommend the copy and paste method.

It’s a tactic where men fire of a simple, eye-catching message that looks like he just wrote it for a specific date. In reality, since this message is not customized to any single profile, you can send it to multiple women.