Fun Ideas for New Couples

Dating is an interesting phenomenon. In the animal world, it would be the equivalent of a mating ritual, much like how peacocks display their beautiful feathers to attract mates or how 2 stags fight it out for the love of one female deer. While the idea of dating is not that primitive, it does revolve around impressing the member of the opposite sex. Yes, even women have to impress their suitors on dates too. Sadly, not everyone recognizes just how important dating is when it comes to building a new relationship. First dates are the equivalent of first impressions, but this time the couple needs to see just how they fare as a couple together.

First dates are usually something that’s planned out very carefully. A reservation at a fancy restaurant, a night at the movies, and a coffee after are somewhat the cookie-cutter itinerary for first dates, yet you can do more than just sit at the restaurant and talk the night away.

fun and exciting relationship

Allow me to introduce some fancy yet fun dating ideas that will surely impress the guy or girl you’re in partnersuche.

1.)    Dance classes – Remember in the move Silver Linings Playbook when Jennifer Lawrence dragged Bradley Cooper for dance lessons? If dance lessons turned depressed and angry Bradley into positive boyfriend material, I’m pretty sure that dancing lessons can also do wonders for your male suitors. There are a lot of dance studios that offer private lessons for both first time dancers and couples. If it’s too intimidating for your partner, you can always settle for private lessons.

2.)    Be silly and let loose – Who says that first date are formal? If you really want to know the fun side of your date, take them to an arcade and watch their inner child unfurl before the sight of video games. Air hockey, skeeball, and beating the high score at Pac Man are just some of the most insane ideas that you can do at the arcade.

3.)    Visit the bookstore – One of the movies that actually involved dating and bookstore was “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, where Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet re-meet and have a conversation among the bookshelves. Bookstores are often a good place to find a common ground between you and your date. You get to know his or her interests without having to ask them. You can easily determine what they’re interested in by the books or section they go to in the Bookstore. Who knows? You might have read the same books too.

Dating is fun, and it should be fun for both parties involved. Doing fun stuff together should help you transition into a fun and exciting relationship.