Your Guide to Choosing the Right Fastener

Whatever your industry is, you cannot discount the importance of fasteners. A fastener is an important hardware device that mechanically affixes two or more things together. It is crucial since it supports the removal or dismantling of joints without damaging the components. You have to know that there is quite a selection of fastener in the market these days.

With this, it is sometimes difficult to determine the right one since it can be confusing. Selecting the right fastener manufacturer is critical to safety both for the workers and the process. In other words, failing to pick the right one may lead to problems from a small leak to devastating failure. Here’s how to choose the right fastener:

Determine where you will use it

The key here is to determine where you will use it. Fasteners can be confusing because there are times that more than one type will appear to work in various applications. Remember that a bolt consists of a head, shaft, and threaded end.

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The head can be a screw, hex or socket. The design is important for the amount of torque it will take. With this, it is crucial that you choose a bolt head properly. When considering the length of the bolt, you should think if it is long enough to hold a washer or flange. The thread is also an important consideration. Coarse threads are easy to use because it allows quick assembly while fine threads take longer to put together. Fine threads actually provide a more secure connection.

Know the materials of construction

The next thing that you should consider is the material of construction. Most fasteners use carbon steel because it has the greatest range or strength and workability. You should know that there are low carbon steels, medium carbon steels, and high carbon steels. The carbon steel grade should depend on the application. If you need greater strength, you should consider higher carbon steel grades.

You have to know though that the common fasteners are hex head grades 2, 5 and 8. Grade 2 is actually considered a standard grade steel, which is why it is the most popular grade and the least expensive. It can be used in applications where high strength is not a concern.

Choosing a fastener manufacturer

After knowing how to choose the right one based on the application and the materials construction, the next thing to do is to pick the right manufacturer. There are many manufacturers out there but you have to ensure that they are experienced in making quality fasteners. If you want convenience, you can order online. When purchasing online, you should read feedbacks or reviews first before making a decision.