The washers are the best ones that can be the best ones which are quite different in shapes and sizes to bring fruitful solutions to different problems.


There are several types of washers that are quite a different from one another.

  • Plain washer- they are the most common ones that are either flat or also sometimes in the form of the ring as well and are the best ones to protect the surfaces from The insulation that is provided against the electrical portions is also much praised.
  • Spring washers- these are the ones that provide the flexibility at the axis and are the ones that are used for the fastening of the surfaces that are prone to vibrations.
  • Fender washers- these may be categorized under the flat washes that have the outer diameter proportional to the hole at the center, the best part of this is that the load is spread evenly on the surface. They are the most used ones in the automobiles; they are the hoes that can bring perfection in making a right connection to the bolts that have become spoilt due to the larger wear and tear.
  • Locking washers- these are the washers that are used for the prevention of loosening of the surfaces. This is prevented by the employment of the unscrewed rotations made to the devices used for fastening. They are sometimes also considered to be the part of offspring washers.



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