Types Of Ray Ban Sunglasses You Can Buy

Ray Ban is popular for its quality, design, and of course its variety. Ray Ban has to be the first brand to create so many subcategories for the customers to choose from as per their choice and personality. There is no doubt that Ray Ban sunglasses are extremely expensive for regular guys and girls to wear. That is when they can settle with fake Ray Ban sunglasses which are highly affordable and look exactly the same as different categories of Ray Ban sunglasses available.

Butterfly sunglasses

Different Categories Of Sunglasses –

Aviator – It is the most popular category of sunglasses and it has become popular from the pilots who used to wear it and hence, it got its name. They have a metal frame and a classic teardrop shape. There are sunglasses for every occasion and mostly for men.

Butterfly and Cat Eye – Coming to sunglasses that are tailor-made for females, butterfly and cat eye sunglasses are extremely popular. Butterfly sunglasses are oversized and cover quite a portion of the face. They are perfect every time you go out including the beaches. Cat Eye sunglasses are fashionable sunglasses with various patterns drawn across the frame. They have a retro style look and ideal for various indoor occasions.

Wayfarer – After Aviator, Wayfarer is the most popular and widely sold Ray Ban sunglasses. Even the fake Ray Ban sunglasses in this category sell like hotcakes.  They are simply timeless and have thick frames. They are for everyone irrespective of face shape. These can instantly turn your look super attractive.

Clubmaster – These are very close to Wayfarer except the fact that the lower frame is very thin and nearly unnoticeable and the lenses are circular on the four ages. There are tailor-made for men and women and many prefer to wear them instead of Wayfarer.

Round – Round sunglasses do not look great on everyone though they are primarily designed for various occasions. Depending on your face type you should choose to wear them. They have very thin metal frame and quirky round lenses. You are certainly going to attract attention with them.

Apart from these, there are Justin and Erika sub-brands available from Ray Ban sunglasses which have a wide fan base.