Things to Consider When Selecting Belleville Washer

If you are in need of a washer that has better locking capabilities, you need to think about belleville washer. Belleville washer is distinct because of its slight conical shape. This type of spring washer seeks to apply pressure to the link once clamped down with an appropriate amount of force.

It is vital that you know things about it to make an informed decision. Here are the things that you should consider when selecting spring belleville washers:

spring belleville washers

What are the applications?

Spring belleville is usually seen in applications where there is a need to link bare or soft aluminum to aluminum or copper. It is also considered because of its high current loading or cycling. Many people consider belleville washers because it has the capability to accommodate thermal cycling. However, you have to know that it cannot remove the problems because of poor workmanship. As with connecting any joint, it is crucial that you prepare the joint correctly. Another key factor in the success of belleville is the size and design of the washer.

What are the parameters when choosing?

Knowing how to select the right belleville washer can make a difference. There are three parameters that you can consider as your guide. Manufacturers publish the specifications. You just need to do your research. Meanwhile, here are the parameters:

A. Torque:

Torque refers to the force you need to put on the bolt, which will flatten the belleville washer to its desired shape. This will facilitate appropriate clamping. You need to keep in mind that to tighten the connection of the bold, you need to twist it to the point where the threads start to distort. Bolts have a different diameter, hardness, and material alignments, which need different torque to reach tightness. To be sure that the belleville and bolt work together, the torque should match. If you put too much torque, it will damage the washer. If you do not put enough torque, the reliability of the connection will be reduced.

B. Diameter:

It is important to find a belleville washer that is needed in your application. If the belleville washer will overhang (it means less clamping force), it will bend away. It is useless to apply belleville washer whose diameter surpasses the connection pad you are going to use it on.

C. Finish:

You will be able to choose a standard finish depending on your preference. But if you have any solvents or fumes around you, it is prudent to talk to an engineer or manufacturer about the applications. The wrong choice of finish will mean a failed connection. For example, if you exposed electroplated belleville washer to hydrogen and intense vibration, it will be brittle and will eventually break into pieces. Always check your environment first when choosing finish.

Where to buy?

Belleville washers are available in the market. You do not need to worry whenever you need to procure one. The thing here is to buy from trusted and reliable sources. There are even online stores that you can consider for easier and convenient transaction.