Things to Consider When Buying A Massage Chair

Your body deserves care and attention after a day’s toil. You can choose to go to a massage therapist but how often can you do it? If you want to have access to massage often, it is wise to consider a massage chair this time. Massage chairs mimic the techniques and motions of an actual massage therapist. It will surely improve your wellbeing.

Buying a massage chair can be overwhelming because of the many options available. To choose the right one, you need to consider many things. Here are the things that you should consider when buying the best massage chair:

Where will the chair go?

When you are considering a massage chair, your initial thought should be the place you want to put it. You have to know that massage chairs are bulky. This means that you need to leave space for the chair. There are massage chairs that have “wall hugging” feature, which will allow you to put it near the wall. There are other chairs that need specific clearance to fully recline.

buying the best massage chair

Remember that it is bulky. This means that it is not that portable. When you think of a place, make sure that you do not move it as much as possible. If you think of moving it frequently, see if you can request an installation of caster wheels.

What is the height range of the people using the chair?

If your family members have an average height, almost any massage chair should fit. However, if your family members are very tall, it will be difficult to find the right massage chair. For example, if the chair is designed to cater up to 6’0” tall and you are 6’4”, you will find your feet hanging over the end or your neck not supported at the top.

What features should you consider?

Massage chairs have different features. To know which one is best for you, it is crucial that you identify your needs first. If you consider massage chair for relaxation, almost any chair will do but if you need it for pain management, you need to choose features that will support it. For example, if you are enduring great pressure on your spines, you need Zero Gravity massage chair.

What type of massage do you need?

Massage chairs offer different massage techniques and motions that you will find very helpful. Knowing this, you need to consider the type of massage you need. Here are some examples of available massage techniques:

1.    Shiatsu: This type of massage will apply pressure to different points of the body like acupuncture.

2.    Swedish: It is intended to relax the muscles by employing deep pressure and gentle rubbing at the same time.

3.    Kneading: This technique is helpful in relieving the tension and soreness of the muscles. This technique clears out the toxins in the body and improves the circulation.

4.    Rolling: This technique also targets the muscles by loosening or warming it through rollers strategically placed at the back of the massage chair.

How much are you willing to spend for a chair?

More importantly, you need to consider the money you are willing to splurge on a chair. The good news is that you can find budget massage chairs. If you do not mind spending more, you will find better features.