Learning the Rules Governing Laser Tags

Playtime is family time. Playing with the kids is important to encourage bonding, teamwork, and sportsmanship. If you are thinking about the next family game, you should think about laser tag. Laser tag will make things more interesting and exciting for the family.

You need to secure laser tag sets first. You can either order online or rent one. Whatever you consider, it will be worth it. Laser tag is a game played using guns with infrared beams. The goal of the teams is to steal the opposing flag and return to the base. The family should also know the rules of the game. Here are the rules governing laser tags:

laser tag sets

It is a non-contact sport

Laser-tag is not like football where there is a higher risk of getting hurt. Any direct contact like hitting and bumping means removal from the game. If there are players who touch opponents indirectly, the players will be requested to leave the game.

Sensors should be visible during the game

Each player will be provided with a sensor. There are other players who remove the tagger or sensor to cheat. This shows poor sportsmanship. If players are caught covering or removing the sensor, they will be removed from the game. Players cover sensors to prevent the other teams from tagging them.

In case of equipment failure

If you have low battery equipment, a player should request a timeout to replace their batteries. They will join the game after the replacement.

Show sportsmanship

It is important that you teach the children the value of sportsmanship. Lying or cheating is not good. For players who are doing these, it should not be tolerated. Disqualification will follow. Nobody likes cheaters.

Learn more about the gears

If you bought laser tags, it is crucial that you read the manual or at least test the gears. Do not test it on the day of the game as it may cause delay. The good news is that there are many materials online that you can consider like tutorial videos.

Keep it fun

Laser tag is not an Olympic sport that you need to seriously consider and be very competitive. It is a game of fun and camaraderie. You should have fun while the game lasts. Being angry or frustrated is against the rules. After the game, grab a refreshment and then try again.

No friendly fire

You should only shoot your opponents, not your team members. Sometimes team members do friendly fire for fun but it should be discouraged. You help your team not shoot them. Before starting the game, make sure that the players understand the concept.

Designate a referee

There should be someone who will enforce the rules. The referee’s decisions are final and no one should dare question it.

Now you know the ground rules of laser tag.