There are a number of laser tag sets in the markets. Dynasty laser tag guns are one of the most famous one in the markets. A quick glance at them can be the best choice.

The ones that hail from the Dynasty Toys are the ones that lead with the features like Night and day gameplay, the range of the infrared to travel up to a distance of 40 metres. There are options like the four teams and the weapons. One can play in a safe manner with the guns without the requirement of vests.

dynasty laser tag


The bottle pack is the best one to be played with the beginners. 1V1 is the one in this category that has made the game the best part of the enjoyment. It is an ideal one for the people who d not have any knowledge about the game. One can keep on adding players to this part as well. There are also batteries that can power up the game. The units that are included in this are the 2 blasters that are beautiful in colours, namely white and the blue. The carrying case that comes in an additional format proves the game to be much exciting.


This is the one that can be the favourite one with the players who are well experienced in the game. The rapid fires that are involved at this stage can make the arena the best one for the battle. This is a platform that has proved to have no limit on itself. The materials that are included in the kit are the 4 blasters that are beautiful in the colours as well. The carrying case can also make it an additional important one.

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