Different Types of Massage chairs

With the increasing demand of massage chairs and looking at the trend of stress level, other health issues and kind of massage chair reviews, manufacturers have started designing the massage chairs keeping in mind the kind of chair a customer would need for their comfort and should be in their budget. There are different types of massage chairs available in market from which a customer can buy as per their need and budget

Reclining Chair:

It is basically a recliner chair with superior massage features in it. As the name suggest it has different kind of massage techniques and gives you complete relaxation therapy.  Most of these recliner chairs are made up of good leather and matches well with any kind of furniture you have at home.

designing the massage chairs

Zero Gravity Massage chair:

Some high end model offer zero gravity massage chairs it work as full body massage chair. Their feature actually tries to copy the positions that astronauts use when they are in space, it takes off pressure for your spine and gives you a weightless feeling. These features are only available on high end models only

Full Body massage chair:

It is a chair equipped with all massage options; these chairs are mostly found in theaters and are considered as elite movie theaters. It is the most expensive type of chair however with the best kind of massage from head to toe.

Ottoman Massage chair:

It is considered to be a budget chair and can be bought for homes. They are more about comfort than real massage and have a weaker mechanism, these are basically made for those who are looking for neck and back massage.

Heating massage chair

It is good to have heating option with massage chair. The best use of heating pad is when it comes to muscle relaxation therapy it helps muscles relax faster than usual. It can be used on both low and high end chairs

So if we see there are a lot of options available in market for massage chare the only thing that you have to see before you go ahead and buy one for you is to see the massage chair reviews and compare the product .