Advantages in using Aluminum for fastener

We are in the era of technology there is enough discovery for materials that can use in manufacturing. But the fact is that People are ignoring whatever a particular matter made from. And that is a very important factor in buying materials, for many reasons and one of those is to save money. The best quality used will last long. There are advantages using the aluminum one for a fastener.

Resistance for atmospheric Corrosion, having its tendency to form a protective oxide coating upon exposure to the atmosphere. An aluminum needs no further treatment in ordinary environments. Special alloys and anodic coatings are available for application in extra-corrosive environments.

Economy, most of the fasteners made in aluminum are cost less than other made from stainless and brass. The lesser the price the more fit the standard of practicality.

Nonstaining, an aluminum produce a colorless oxide. Which is good in keeping the good appearance of another fastener.

Strength, aluminum has its own characteristics as it is strong than other steel. It is best to use in high speed and automatic production lines. The best strength ratio of any metal in common use.

Lightness, aluminum is one third less weight in other steel materials. It is not a big factor in Fasteners. However, lightness can save a money. A big help in some manufacture as it can give more space for the other product.

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Compatibility, it is very important to practice this. The trick of aluminum with aluminum to avoid galvanic corrosion.

Colorability, aluminum can give a freedom to the desire of the customers. It is easy to paint and fasteners make for the interior application.

Conductivity– Aluminum’s high rate of conductivity suits it for use in many electrical applications.

Nonmagnetic–  Aluminum refers to the metal in applications where magnetism may be a problem. Hence,  aluminum’s nonmagnetic properties prevent clustering.  The fastener is handled by tools made of ferrous metals.

Variety– Aluminum Fasteners has expanded the number of standard types of sizes of aluminum threaded fasteners to more than 3,700. There are special fasteners that can be made to meet specific user needs.

Resistance to chemical corrosion. Aluminum is compatible with many chemicals and may be used safely in containers holding foods, pharmaceuticals and most chemical products.


Anywhere you see an aluminum product application, an aluminum fastener is almost always the best way to go. So most of the users and aluminum Fastener manufacturer tend to encourage other people to be aware. As manufacturer believes that the key to success with their business is to educate their own customers. For their benefits and not only that but also for them to be able to give the best service and product quality.