It’s impossible that playing airsoft has not crossed your mind even once, somewhere in your head, you want to try these bad boys and engage in a war games with your friends and try out its adrenaline pumping action but there is some sort of confusion on your side about choosing your appropriate airsoft gun or rifle.

In this article, we will discuss a step-by-step guide in obtaining your first airsoft gun/rifle depending on your preferred type, make and other important aspects that will determine which best suits your wants and needs.

Where to start in choosing your first airsoft gun is a little too overwhelming considering that there is a wide variety of guns and rifles available in the market and choosing one might is quite impossible especially for beginners who just randomly choose the one that has the best design but the truth is, it’s more than just the design, you have to put in consideration some important matters or you will end up having a lot of regrets and a waste of money.

We will make your airsoft gun shopping simpler with this helpful step-by-step guide. To determine which airsoft gun is best for you, it would be great to learn the basics of purchasing it considering that there are a lot of high-quality types of this stuff that you want to consider like the one that is best for you, the equipment and the accessories that comes with it as well as the type of pellets that it can shoot and above all, you should be a responsible airsoft gun owner and treat it like a real gun because, in the end, it is everyone’s safety must always be the main concern.

responsible airsoft gun owner

 There are three basic types of airsoft guns that you can buy in the market but it has subcategories that vary on the type of the airsoft gun. These are a sniper rifle, submachine gun, assault rifle, machine gun, shotgun, pistol, and spring powered airsoft guns.

If you are looking for the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market or any other types that are mentioned above, you should always put in mind about safety because airsoft guns are replicas that it entirely matches the realistic appearance of a real gun and also be mindful of the laws that are implemented in different states across the United States.


The most basic airsoft gun is the spring action and the cock and fire airsoft gun. This is the cheapest among the types of airsoft which does not require any batteries or charging and its power source is limitless considering it works by manually cocking it to fire the pellets and it can also be upgraded into a more powerful rifle since it is powered by spring and can function in harsh weather conditions because it does not run in battery or electricity making it perfect for newbie airsoft gun owners.


This type of airsoft gun can either be run by propane, CO2 or gas, a blowback or a non-blowback and also the use of compressed carbon dioxide or compressed gas that has enough power to propel the pellet from the airsoft gun’s barrel. This type of airsoft gun is also automatic because the gas enables the slide and load to move to shoot the next round rapidly.


Probably the most popular type of airsoft guns available in the market. It runs with a battery that can be recharged. It runs in an electric motor that is equipped with a gearbox which has its own piston, a spring launch that can fire a range up to 200-feet. It comes in metal and both plastic and this is also the most preferred type of airsoft gun for many airsoft enthusiasts.