Getting the Best Backlinks – Building a Network

Why you should know the different linking strategies

The Internet is a goldmine of PRIME ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE; and by real estate, I mean there are over countless ways to get your brand recognized and authority for your business website. If you think that website marketing is only for the Internet SAVVY marketers, think again. I am going to show you how even someone who has no idea on how to get around the Internet can effectively market their website by looking at the different and simplified linking strategies.

Internet SAVVY marketers

The Gold, Silver and Tin Strategy

I am not referring to jewelry or metals but rather the different classifications of websites for you to place your links. Why do you need to know the different classes of websites?

  • The more sites you can get your hands on, the more places you have for your links to show up.
  • By knowing the different classes of website, you’ll be able to determine what link you’ll want to drop at that particular website and how it can affect your popularity in the search engines.

What are GOLD, SILVER AND TIN Websites?

We are going to be classifying websites according to how big their impact is when you’re optimizing your website. Take note, there will always be websites that can have the biggest impact on your search engine rankings while there will also be websites that have little or no impact at all:

  1. TIN Websites – are sites you might want to avoid placing your links unless you really need to. These are spam, low quality websites that have no affiliate or sales links.
  2. SILVER Websites – are sites with decent quality content. They may or may not have affiliate links or products promoted and most SILVER websites are freshly created blogs or websites.
  3. GOLD Websites – are your money-making websites. They have the authority to back them up in the search engines and their content is of the highest quality. Sites like SQUIDOO, BLOGGER and WORDPRESS are classified as HIGH QUALITY SITES.

Why this strategy?

As stated earlier, the more sites or blogs that you have, the greater the opportunity you have for linking. If your website is hosted on a provider that allows you to create multiple websites, then you’re able to take advantage of this strategy by building a network of websites according to how you want to classify them.

Building a network of websites according to their classification can get you the boost that you need in the search engines. The MAIN IDEA of building a network is to make sure that your reader doesn’t get out of your hands; instead he/she will be jumping from your website to another website that you own.

Once you start building your own network or renting PBN links,  you’ll be able to place links in every corner of the web. Remember, you need to keep one thing in mind when you’re creating a network: ALWAYS LINK UP, NOT DOWN. Your TIN websites can link to GOLD AND SILVER websites but your GOLD and SILVER cannot link to TIN websites. The websites you build need to be relevant to your GOLD or business website as much as possible so Google and other search engines won’t penalize you for SPAM.