Why choose Fourth Avenue Residences as clients lifetime dwelling?

Fourth Avenue Residences symbolizes a typical and suitable place for many shoppers nearby with a lot of food preferences and shopping centers found just right at the heart of the city and very near to the Six Avenue MRT station. These conveniences are readily available for the residents.   Several prestigious schools and universities could be found and could give assurance to parents to have a quality education for their children. The residents of Fourth Avenue are closely guarded by professional security guards to assure the safety of the residents.

Fourth Avenue Residences location

What facilities could the homeowners avail and enjoy?

Fourth Avenue Residences location is considered a representation of prompt investment expenditure for Allgreen  Properties who is looking to restore its land bank. The Fourth Avenue Residence are fortunate to have bought land on this site for unique facilities provided for the residents. This includes a clubhouse, function room, indoor gym, tennis court, BBQ pits and children’s playground. These facilities are all provided for the family and loved ones to enjoy. The lifestyle of the residents of Fourth Avenue is unique and wonderful for they are just living in the most comfortable and convenient way.

The prestigious academy is offered to the homeowner children that guarantee quality education.

The residents of Fourth Avenue will be accessible with the MRT station and for residents who want to commute using buses, it’s also available. There are enough buses available along Bukit Timah Road. The residents of Fourth Avenue is also near to the first-class academy such as Nanyang Girls High School, National Junior College, and  Hwa Chong Institution. The  Hwa Chong is a liberated Chinese- based academy that is situated in Singapore and provides secondary and pre-university education. It is one of the most popular schools in Singapore. It offers an integrated program and offers special education for gifted children.

Feel beautiful and tummy fool in Beauty World Center:

Beauty centers could easily be reached if the homeowners need through their plaza. Plenty of different enterprises including recruitment agencies and music schools. Beauty  World Centre can offer everything that the homeowners need, this includes the two-story of amazing stores, tailoring, wedding stores and accessories and music stores. The Beauty World Center permits the residents to look for eateries they love just like popular Joo Mak restaurant. Extraordinary food is offered here at a very affordable price. It is also very easy to withdraw cash for plenty of banks could be found in the Beauty Centers.