A history worth hearing

History is attached as a never ending fascinating topic that tells the readers  a great great deal about where the humans came from, how they got till her and also what’ll happen in the future. History a great entertainment for the readers as it tells them about all the important events happened in the past which changed the environment of that time.

Ages which had the best history podcasts are given below:

  • Revolution is a sweeping podcast which covers various revolutions that have occurred around the world.
  • Memory palace focused on important events that occurred in American
  • Something tries shows the untold tales of history
  • Witness
  • Lore
  • A history of the world in 100 objects
  • The Thread with OZY
  • The Thread with OZY

history podcasts

All these podcasts have shown the beauty of history, not only the beauty they have also shown and conveyed about the untold stories. History is an amazing concept to study, it has various feilds like adventurs, wars, nation’s glory, etc. Don Carlin, a fantastic writer and who’s works are considered as stupendously great works has been podcasting from 13 years , Carlin records five podcasts a year and each are 5 hours long, no one would have downloaded such big podcasts before,but after looking at his work, the viewers will love to get glued to the show.

Few of the ongoing history podcastsseries are

  • The history of Byzantium
  • When diplomacy fails
  • The history of Hannibal and punic wars
  • The podcast history of our world
  • The civil war 1861-1865, history podcast
  • The history of World War two podcast
  • Revolutions podcast

These are a few other ongoing podcasts by which viewers can know better about the history in an easier way, history has never failed to catch one’s concentration and to educate them about various events happened in the past, but always the citizens failed to understand or read it, because the information and events were either too intense to handle or too complicated for understanding, so  podcasts which films  events which happened in the past,  do a great job in educating the vejwers about all the kinds of histories