Road Safety Tips for Pedestrian and Drivers

Pedestrian refers to a person traveling on foot – whether running or walking. In some cities, traveling in tiny wheels like scooters, roller skates, skateboards and wheelchair are also called pedestrian. All across the United States, pedestrians are provided with crosswalks that serve as safe passage. However, pedestrian accidents still happen.

In California alone, DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) noted that pedestrian fatalities account for 22% of all traffic incidents. That is a serious number and it can be attributed to the somewhat confusing California pedestrian and vehicle right of way laws. Generally, pedestrians have the right of way whether it is marked or unmarked crosswalks – as long as it is in an intersection.

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There is a doctrine called “comparative negligence”. This means that each party has a percentage of blame for pedestrian accidents. However, it does not mean that the percentage of fault is equal. Regardless, it is best to avoid pedestrian-vehicle accidents.

Safety tips for pedestrians:

• Be visible: when you cross, make sure that you are visible to the drivers at all times. This is important at night or in low light. To increase visibility, wear light-colored or reflective clothing at night and then brightly colored clothing during the day. Additionally, always stay in well-lit areas.
• Avoid distractions: when you are walking, distractions are everywhere. However, you have to do your best to keep your eyes on the road. Do not use your phone and avoid wearing headphones. Focus your entire attention on the road.
• Follow the rules: it is crucial that you know the traffic rules before heading out. Watch out for the traffic signs and signals. The key here is never to assume that the driver will give you the right of way.
• Do not drink: alcohol will impair your judgment and reduce your concentration. Do not drink alcohol so you can stay alert.

auto accident lawyerSafety tips for drivers:

• Be alert: as a driver, you should be alert always. When driving, it is crucial that you look out for pedestrians all the time.
• Follow speed limits: watch out for speed limit signs at all times and follow it especially in areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. You should also follow speed limits when passing by school zones and neighborhood streets.
• Always yield: you are at a greater advantage inside the car, the least that you can do is to yield especially if you see pedestrians in a crosswalk.
• Do not drive under the influence: alcohol and drugs can impair judgment and reduce your response time. If caught, there will be strict punishment.

In the event that you sustained pedestrian accidents and it is severe, you have the right to financial compensation. It is better to check for more information.