Everything a beginner needs to know about blockchain engineer

There are different terms that one has to get familiar with and some of which are mentioned below:

  • Blockchain: This refers to the chain of a block with each block containing data of value and it is cryptographically secure and immutable.
  • Decentralized: A blockchain is considered to be a decentralized as there is no central supervising authority.
  • The consensus mechanism: this is a mechanism by which the decentralized network comes to consensus.
  • Miners: refers to the users who use their computational power to mine from the blocks.

It is important to know about the terms used in the crypto-sphere. This makes it highly recommended that a person goes through the comprehensive glossary. It is important to learn the basic terms otherwise in a later stage a person will find him or her lost in any lesson of further studies. It is high time for a beginner as blockchain engineer in the technology to get proper education with some technical aspects of the blockchain. If a person is interested in technical aspects of fin-tech application creation on top of the Blockchain then one should definitely start with learning the ins and outs of crypto-economics.

Career as Blockchain Engineer:

A blockchain engineer specializes in the implementation of digital solutions for the organizations and creating stuff by the use of a unique type of technology. The information which is stored in the blockchain is not really stored in any central location. A blockchain engineer may work for the technology consulting firms and data service firms. An engineer must be able to analyze the origination’s technological needs and creation of an application to meet the needs. It is the duty of a blockchain engineer to analyze the code artefacts and to provide the training to junior personnel.

One can start with downloading the source code of bitcoin and check for the implementation with having proper knowledge about the programming, software engineering, data structures, algorithms and some more basics. Experiment with codes, adapt it to try something new and make your own version of blockchain application which can get you a huge amount of hard cash.