Admit it, not all of us are good in making our own resumes; we may love our own resumes but are we sure that it’s free from grammatical errors? Not boring to read? Complete with all the details? Well, we’re not even sure about this and let me tell you something; nobody can ever underestimate the importance in having a good resume.

You should always put in your mind that first impressions last and that first impression may come to the person that might hire you for the job you wanted or not.

Everything depends on how you present your resume; it’s like your key to landing that dream job of yours; the interview is just formality. An employer only needs a few seconds to look at someone’s resume so if you’re resume is poorly presented and made, expect that you’ll find it in the trash bin considering that you are just one of the hundreds of applicants and hopefuls that are waiting in line for that job and one way to catapult yourself to the top is to hire a professional resume writer.

professional resume writers

Professional resume writers can create different formats of resumes according to what their clients want and deciding how the resume should look like when it is presented to an employer or recruiter.

In this article, let me show you the two different styles of resume writing that professional resume writers make for people seeking their service and what are its differences; its advantages and aspects which might help you choose when you’re planning to hire a resume writer in the future.

  • CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME- It is considered by resume writers as the most common projects and format that they make for their clients. The use of chronological format lists down or sorts your latest employment history to the very first one in a timeline manner that is written with dates included in it. This is some kind of the traditional way of formatting a resume so that you can create more emphasis on your past and most recent job titles as well as your employment history aside from your skillsets. This is commonly used by professional resume writers because they believe that this generally works every time for job seekers who has a stable progress in their respective careers in different fields. Let me show you how this format is made. This will work for people who have a stable work history which has minor breaks during their employment timeline and this also fits for people who work in the same field or industry. This is also perfect for people who are job titles level up and increases their position levels at their timeline of employment.
  • FUNCTIONAL RESUME- This one, on the other hand, focuses more on your feats instead of listing down your job titles and employment timelines. This one will highlight your skills and experiences and the achievements that you’ve earned along the way. This is perfect for someone who wants to make a shift in their career or for fresh graduates. This is also fit for people who want to re-enter the industry they’ve once worked before and for those people who want to apply a job that they’ve never experienced before.