When Is the Right Time to Change Your Plumber?

While it seems ideal to DIY all your household repairs, there are instances that will compel you to hire a professional service. If you were able to receive a reliable recommendation from a family or friend, then congratulations you found your plumber to keep.

On the other hand, what if you notice your hired contractor is taking so long to complete your project? Besides that, it seems like other plumbing issues are piling up on top of your current problem? During emergency plumbing situations, oftentimes the urgency of the scenario will prompt you to hire someone immediately. If by chance you are looking for an Emergency Plumbing Service Woodstock, GA, then call your local representatives.

Meanwhile, If you observe the below attributes in your current contractor, then maybe it’s the right time to change your plumbing service.

Be cautious of these red flags

Taking care of your pipes is essential to keeping you and your family safe. Thus, be wary when you encounter the following instances:

  • Requires a cash-only payment
  • Available to work only during evenings and weekends
  • Can’t provide references or work history
  • Refuse to provide business or professional license
  • Fails to produce proof of liability insurance
  • Requires an upfront payment or 50% deposit
  • Does not provide written estimates and contracts
  • No evidence of service being bonded
  • Adopts high-pressure sales approach. During a conversation, consistently changes prices and insists on the one-day promo.
  • Gives cheaper estimates than the average price
  • Asks that payments be made to his or her personal name

Absence of contract

Even if your project just involves installment of bathroom fixtures or minor kitchen repairs, remember that signing a project contract is essential for your protection. Know that a contract is mainly a legal agreement between you and your hired plumbing service.

A detailed project contract will specify a timeline, work needed to be done, and other terms and conditions you have negotiated. Never hire a plumber who declines to sign a contract or cut your agreement with a contractor who refuses to conform to your specified terms and conditions in your contract.

Triggering more plumbing issues

When you hired your plumber, you expect an individual who is an expert in his field. If you notice your hired contractor causing more problems than your current one and the said expert is failing to address it, then maybe it’s time to terminate his/her service.

Besides that, if you notice a disconnect with your plumbing service then maybe the company is not putting a 100% effort in working on your plumbing project. Letting this kind of service continue may result in defective appliances and substandard work that will lead you to spend more of your money for repairs.