What Financial Tips Will we Learn from Alexis Assadi

Alexis Assadi is an entrepreneur, writer and as well an investor who achieves financial freedom at the age 26. Such feat is impressive at such a young age. Because of his lifelong pursuit and interest in financial intelligence, he is now a director and a shareholder in three companies that provide funds to real estate projects, small-scale business, and even entrepreneurs.

Because of the call he received from a banker when he was 19, his life changed. Even without huge capital and rough ideas on how the industry works, he still strives to reach the top.

He is not only devoted to becoming rich.

Assadi is also concerned about making people become financially aware by providing tips and ideas that will help on their journey to financial freedom. Here are some of the inspiring things which we might learn from him.

financial intelligence

Set a really big target

When you don’t exactly have a goal, you can’t start anything. Assadi explained to his readers that they need to assess their passive income and their target. Doing this has two reasons:

  • First, earning enough cash isn’t something to get so excited about.
  • Second, wealth can be multiplied exponentially.

He also added that it might be hard to target the huge goals, especially if you’re really struggling. But you should never underestimate the things that you can do.

Write everything down

It might be stressful and tiring to write down the daily, weekly and monthly progress, but at the end of the journey, you won’t even notice the improvements you’ve made. Assadi said that by taking your income goals seriously and staying meticulous with everything, you’ll sooner or later become financially free.

Assadi’s technique typically involved the use of Excel spreadsheets to keep all the essential information about the investment. It helps him monitor his daily, monthly and yearly earnings while noticing some important details.

Take baby steps

Assadi believed that while having a long-term goal helps keep a person to stay focus, it is also important that he or she stays consistent. Over time, baby steps will be part of the routine as long as you remained consistent with what you’re doing. And while success often takes years, taking steps one at a time can provide a steady progress and make the goal less challenging too.

Work with people who share the same goals with you

Despite the success, Assadi has encountered a lot of failures. Besides, it’s difficult to stay motivated when you’re surrounded by people who don’t support and understand your goals. This is why he believed that by looking for individuals who are equally committed as you are, sharing and learning ideas won’t be difficult anymore.