Ronn Torossian The one man army of 5WPR

Foundation: The foundation for 5WPR has been laid 15 years back aiming at innovation, change and growth by one of the famous public Relation personnels RonnTorossian.

Awards: He has been named as the PR Executive of the year, he reached till semifinals for Entrepreneur of the year and Ronn Torossian serves as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and advisory board member for many firms and high profile individuals including foods and beverages, health, aviation, government agencies.

public Relation personnels RonnTorossian

Idea: He really wanted to start a firm where only making strategy is not the main criteria but to work in the real time to achieve results, innovating new things  and changing according to the new outcomes from the media. Thus he started his own PR firm 5WPR.

Hard work: working hard and hard helps everyone to achieve the goal. In PR firms hard working is essential to meet the competition. Having belief in the own shelf and determination regarding the job helps in attaining good results.

His Belief

He strongly believes in helping and so contributes some amount from his earnings towards charity.

Loss reduction Is an important factor for business and one should not hesitate to resign the clients who are not fitting into the business. In the same way mistakes done during hiring the staff should also be rectified by choosing the apt staff who fit into the business. Prioritizing things is important in the matter of business or clients.

Time management: Time plays a key role in every individual’s life and the same is applicable to firms and business as well. To get success one should be up-to date in news, relating to all aspects and should be active during emergency hours which are essential for PR firms to meet the competition. Mange to allot time to the family and spend with them as family is important for everyone.

He is the quintessential person who may act tough to get his job done but is true friend for life. He has been able to navigate his success in this cut throat world of celebrity obsessed culture that is prevalent in today’s times.