On October 22 to 24, the world’s brightest and most influential people in the world of cryptocurrency and investment market will converge at the Los Angeles Convention Center to take part of the annual Crypto Investment Summit 2018.

What makes this special is that around a dozen speakers who are the best in their field of cryptocurrency and the investment market will share not just their knowledge but the passion in this thriving business that is continuing to influence and encourage more people around the world.

You may have heard of Spring Labs, a Blockchain startup based in Los Angeles, California that recently raised roughly $15-million for seed funding round which aims to decentralize the data-sharing process in the credit industry and guess what who is Spring Lab’s founder? It’s Adam Jiwan who will be one of the speakers of the upcoming Crypto Investment Summit 2018.

cryptocurrency and investment market

Last March, Spring Labs officially announced that the round was headed by August Capital along with other blockchain-focused capital firms that participated in the fundraising that will be mainly used for the development of Spring Lab’s blockchain platform that is aimed to be completed within the year and it is also aimed to be used for the company’s growth after it was founded last year by Jiwan along with founding and board members of Avant.

There’s a huge probability that Adam Jiwan will be discussing innovations brought to blockchain platforms which he successfully collaborated with Spring Labs. Jiwan and his team used their proprietary blockchain which they named Spring Network as exchange identity-and-credit-related information that utilizes smart contracts in order to produce a more efficient data and a regulated transparency in the process.

To test their existing workflow between personal loan platform and their banking partners, Spring Labs created collaboration with Avant during their initial partnership to further enhance their blockchain system.

Before he established Spring Labs, Jiwan served as the Chief Executive Officer for ten years in an investment management at George Soros’ family office and the TPG-Axon Capital Management.

TPG-Axon Capital Management is a privately owned hedge fund sponsor that has multiple offices located in different parts of the world in New York, London, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, Japan.  This financial firm mainly focuses to people who have a high net worth, banking institutions, and pension funds by providing investment options for pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy, basic materials and retail, as well as healthcare after it was founded in 2005.

In Spring Labs, it is also aiming to address the growing problem of startups in the industry of cryptocurrency investments regarding financial data security that is why they are trying to utilize the functionality of blockchain technology to create a more secure data platform which is available for a distributed ledger where more than one company and individuals can create replicas of network to prevent a single point of failure architecture that is used by hackers. Jiwan and his team are also aiming to improve the efficiency of cryptocurrencies process which makes it very slow in this fast-paced technological era. Spring Lab’s blockchain platform technology named the Spring Network will create a streamlined process that will be channeled to financial institutions where they can share data identity with each other in a very safe and secure process.

To learn more about the amazing benefits of Spring Network, buy a ticket to attend the Crypto Investment Summit 2018.