A Crash Course in Buying Men’s Suit

You have to realise that first impression matters especially if you are into business and marketing. How you present yourself will reflect the kind of work you do. With this, you have to rethink how you suit up. Buying a suit is not easy and it presents many challenges because there are many options and styles to choose from.

Before you enter a shop, it is prudent to do your research first. You do not want to get intimated or overwhelmed when buying the perfect suit. If you know what to find, your journey will be smoother and easier. Basically, you should look for a well-fitting suit that will enhance your look and make you comfortable.

Combatant GentlemenLearning the suit measurement

If you are looking for a Combatant Gentlemen suit, you should ensure that it is not too tight that it looks smothering or too big that it looks bulky. The main things to look out for include:
• Shoulder alignment: shoulder seams should not extend beyond your shoulders.

Avoid excessive padding as it can destroy the look of the suit.
• Jacket length: choosing jacket length is the easiest. It should fall snugly in a straight line with the rear edge draping over the top of the buttocks but not lower than the knuckles.
• Sleeve length: ideally, the sleeve should be about half an inch of the shirt beyond the cuff of the jacket.
• Closure: choose a jacket that should closely fit around your stomach.
• Seat: the seat refers to the butt. It should not pull tight against the buttocks.
• Pant break: pant break refers to the point where pants touch the shoe. There should be little or no pant break.

Decide the number of buttons your prefer

The next thing to consider is the number of buttons.

            • One button: one button will create a sharp and sleek look.

           • Two buttons: two buttons suit is actually the most common these days. It is more flattering because it elongates the torso.Combatant Gentlemen

            • Three buttons: three buttons were widely used in the 1990s. it is used by taller men who do not want the elongating effect.

Check the lining

In the past, linings are only available on expensive suits. These days, you can choose lining at different price points. The lining is not only for the aesthetic look but also it can add more weight and structure to the suit. It is important as it can lay nicely over your contours.

A fully lined jacket is actually warmer and thicker. For high-end suit linings, it is usually made of silk, which is very comfortable. Cheaper options include synthetic materials like rayon and polyester. Most of the tomes, shop bought suits do not provide too much personalization when it comes to pattern and color lining choices.