The Benefits of Using Dual Battery Isolators

When you go camping or four-wheel touring, you generally bring a lot of different gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, and cameras. Some even bring fridges to secure food and beer. Whatever you bring, you need a lot of battery power. If you only depend on one battery (starting battery) to power your gadgets and fridge, kick-starting your engine will be impossible.

Inexperienced camper will simply install a second battery. If you install a second battery without having a battery management system, there is still a possibility that your gadgets will drain both batteries and you will find yourself stuck. Experienced camper considers dual battery isolator. The battery will isolate the second (or auxiliary) battery from the starter battery. This is to ensure that your starter battery has enough power to start.

It is time that you consider dual battery isolators. Here are other benefits of using dual battery isolators:

It has additional charging features
With dual battery isolator, you can safely charge a secondary battery from the electrical charging system of your car. If you have the chance, you should look for an advanced battery isolator kit. Most trucks and cars these days have an alternator, which can control the voltage output and the power flow. The dual battery isolator setup will ensure that there is the right power supply distribution.

It can serve as a dual battery relay
Having a battery isolator switch, you can isolate the secondary battery if there are other electronics attached to the main electrical power system. This is important because it makes sure that the backup battery will not release especially when starting the car. You can even find other dual battery isolator having emergency jump-start mode.

It can allow you to use other devices and accessories

A dual battery isolator will allow you to use devices and accessories through the switch. After installing, you can use without disconnecting from the main power system. If your car engine is running, it will generate enough voltage to power other car accessories. If you stop the engine, you can still utilise the secondary battery leaving the primary fully charged.

After knowing the benefits, you should be aware of the potential issues with a dual battery isolator. First, it takes longer to charge the batteries. Second, the voltage will be lost as the current flows through the battery.

When you are looking for the right device to cater to all devices while camping, dual battery isolators can help. You have to know that setting up a dual battery system is easy. With few basic tools and the right equipment, you can actually set up a simple system in a few hours.